10 Fun Boat Accessories to Create a Floating Party Paradise

10 Fun Boat Accessories to Create a Floating Party Paradise

10 Fun Boat Accessories to Create a Floating Party Paradise

What could be better than spending time with friends on your boat on a gorgeous day? 

I enjoy taking the boat out, letting the anchor float away for the day, 

and then going swimming, dining with my favorite people.

The amenities on a boat, however, are insufficient to keep you entertained all day. 

It’s crucial to stock up on the appropriate boating accessories 

if you’re a natural entertainer in order to throw the ideal water party for you and your guests.

To make the most of your time on the lake, ocean, or bay, 

I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite party boat concepts and add-ons. and for less than$ 299!


Food and beverages are necessary at every beach and boat party.  Nothing impresses the company more than some high-quality grillables, even though you can always bring pre-made sandwiches. Here are some ways to upgrade your aquatic hangout —from a floating picnic to an A-rated marine cookout.


1. Magma Marine Kettle 3, Combination Stove, Gas Grill and Oven

Magma Marine Kettle® Gas Grill – 15"-A10-205
Magma Marine Kettle® Gas Grill – 15″-A10-205











The majority of the summer is spent on the water with my husband.

I’m referring to full days spent on our boat relaxing, swimming, and fishing.

Every Saturday and Sunday by the finish of 1 summer We eventually grew tired of eating the same sandwiches.

In addition, during our 12- hour excursions, the bread became soggy and the food never remained cold always.

We purchased a Magma stove and gas grill after extensive searching.

Our lives as sailors were altered by this! We wo not be eating any mor sous-par mushy sandwiches for supper. It’s truly awesome, this grill. 

the top product available. It quickly and warms up evenly.

Additionally, other than the cheese on your own burgers, 

nothing else needs to be melted for the reason that outer and handle shell both remain relatively cool.

You can buy disposable propane- filled canisters. Each one will last you several days of grilling.

Once it’s set up, relax, relax and bite into your freshly- prepared meals on the true way.

Just understand that you do need to buy a mount. 

These are sold separately because you’ll need to opt for the right one for your boat.

The good news is are tons of different options according to your preference there.

You can get a mount that fits into a fishing rod holder, clamps onto a rail or a flush deck socket mount that connects the grill directly to your boat’s deck or swim platform.

I’d also recommend buying a shore stand so that you can BBQ by land or sea.

For those who have larger boats and enjoy hosting multiple guests, the Magma stove and gas grill also comes in a party-sized option, which is a little more expensive, but definitely worth it. The shore stand will support either size.

2. Magma – Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill

There’s 15″ and 17″

Magma Marine Kettle® Charcoal Grill – 15"-A10-104

Some social people prefer the traditional charcoal grill, while I personally prefer Magma’s gas grill. 

Although I messier think it is, I am aware that many people prefer the method and flavor of charcoal-grilled food.


Whatever your justification, Magma still has the ideal grill for your boat if you prefer charcoal grilling. 

This grill, which is the Magma grill’s cousin, has the same mounting options and a ongoing party size.

An amusing note regarding Magma goods.

You have the option to upload lifestyle pictures of friends and family using Magma’s products.

You can get free gifts, discounts on the grilling products, and more in exchange!

Make sure to take some high-quality images on your device and send them to photos@magmaproducts.com .

if you host a fantastic boat barbecue. For more information, go to their website

3. Portable Ice Maker

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Frigidaire EFIC103-AMZ-SC Counter Top Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket

After spending a lot of nonstop hours on the boat, as I already mentioned, my food never stayed cold. The worst situation is when your beverage is warm or there are not any ice cubes left to cool it. If you’re hosting friends and family at sea, this could be a serious party foul. A portable ice maker is unquestionably something I would suggest.

Igloo offers the above-mentioned model, but if you want a larger heavier-duty machine made for marine use, try the Dometic HZB-15S electric refrigerator/freezer. Just keep in mind you’ll need a power outlet on your boat to hook up either option and keep things frosty.


On a boat, there is never enough room. Coolers, towels, food, fishing poles, personal items, and other items inevitably fill up boats throughout the day. Investing in a tie-up inflatable island for when you anchor your social gathering for the day-long festivities is the best way to transform your boat into an oasis for relaxing.

4. Watersports Stadium Floating Islander

WOW Watersports Stadium Islander 12 Person Float-14-2090

This floating island is my absolute favorite. There are 12 seats available. This float is less expensive, but it’s well worth the extra money. It gives 12 people lots of space to lounge around comfortably and, as an added bonus, prevents overcrowding on the boat. Just be careful because kids like to use the lake or river’s open center oasis as their own personal swimming pool. It also makes getting on and off the island easy, of course, you enjoy being taken wherever the wind may blow.

5. Aqua Leisure 10′ Hexagonal Inflatable Island

Aqua Leisure 10' Hexagonal Inflatable Island w/Mesh Center-APR20922

Much like the product above, this floating island, large floating island ideal for water recreation for up to 6 people The big bonus for this floatable, however, Multiple built- in drink holders, great places to store some of your food and drinks, rather than wasting valuable deck space on the boat. The heavy- duty mesh splash pad in the center for individuals who want to enjoy a little cooling off in the water without having to jump overboard.

6. WOW Watersports Floating Fridge Cooler – 30 Pack

WOW Watersports Floating Fridge Cooler – 30 Pack-11-2000

The rectangular form floating cooler can hold up to 30 cans of your preferred beverage. The thick sidewalls and double- layered padded bottom will keep your beverages cold all day. It comes with a grommet you can use to attach it to your floating island or lounge or to anything else you want it to stay close to.


I’ve never been on a boat with enough drink holders, so call me crazy. It’s crucial for your driver to have a destination to put her or his water when they’re on the water and for the visitors to plant their various adult beverages there.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to invest in some extra cup holders to ensure there aren’t any messy spills and wasted liquidation.

7. Robocup Dual, Clamp-On Cup Holder

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ROBOCUP 12 Colors

For those who desire a cup holder on the boat occasionally, this is an outstanding option. This tiny device wo not last. As a total result, you can clip, add, and remove as needed. My brother loves it, so I bought it for him because he needed a destination to store guests’ drinks.

Cool factoid – Robocup offers 5 free clamp-on cup holders for people who submit the best photos of their product!

8. Drop-In Rod Holder Cup Holder

Instead of going fishing, why not hang out with friends on the boat just? Your outing is simply perfect for this cool device Then. To make the perfect setting for your beverage, it drops into your fly rod holder.


Without appropriate music and ambient lighting, no boat extravaganza is complete. Many boats have built-in sound and lighting systems. Here are a few cool accessories that could possibly be appropriate for you if one’s body is either nonexistent or in need of improvement.

9. Boss Audio Bolt Bluetooth Speaker System

This product was bought by me for my boat for the reason that sound system died after many years of use. I did not want to spend the cash on a fancy system, and I also did not want to have to worry about charging up before each outing. This product was a perfect fit for me personally. The Bolt Portable Speakers features the ability to stream music wirelessly simultaneously via TWS( True Wireless Stereo system) and within 33′ of one another. A built is roofed by The Bolt speaker- in emergency flashlight. All housed in a weatherproof IPX4 housing to add weather proof audio tracks to your outdoor adventures.


10. Sea-Dog LED Flush Mount Combo Drink Holder w/Drain Fitting

Chalk this one up to unnecessary but incredibly cool. This product is for those that simply want to impress their guests with the cool boat gadgets. Who wouldn’t be impressed with custom light-up cup holders?

They’re available in either a 12V version, for easy wiring to your boat for those who only plan to take them out on special occasions.

At night, the lights are really pretty and add some “hipness” to your ride.

11. BONUS – Rod Holder Bait/Filet Mate Table w/LeveLock

10 Fun Boat Accessories to Create a Floating Party Paradise  The Magma Bait/Filet Mate Table w/LeveLock® Mount – 20″ provides a durable and stable surface to clean and filet the catch of the day. It adjusts to several angles and even has a tray to store knives.

– MAGMA’s Bait/Filet Mate Table fits right into the rod holders on your boat. No worries about getting fish scales and what-not all over the deck of the boat or, worse, your kitchen floor.

If you’re not into fishing, it can be used as a traditional cutting board for food items. We don’t recommend using it for both duties, though. Your guests probably wouldn’t either.

Grab just a few of of these functional and cool boating items, and your boat will be the place to be.