How Far is Haiti From Mexico by Boat? – Answered

How far is Haiti from Mexico by boat? Regardless of your intent for taking this trip, you’ll have to account for the route you take, vessel speed, and the ports of departure and arrival.

For example, let’s assume you’re departing from the Port of Guaymas in Mexico and arriving at Port au Prince in Haiti. That’s a distance of a little over 3800 nautical miles, which takes around 16 days at sea with a constant 10-knot speed.

However, if you’re going to start at the Port of Veracruz in Mexico, that’s around 1680 nautical miles. You can complete the trip in just 7 days at sea if traveling at the same speed as above.

Distance of Other Ports and Their Respective Travel Times

1. Distance and time based on location

To provide you with a complete overview of the Haiti to Mexico distance by boat, I’ve gone ahead and made the following table. That’s not to say that it’s possible to depart from all these ports as a tourist or passenger, though.

I’m just accounting for the respective distances of these Mexican ports from Haiti based on the generalized aspect of the main question. I mean, not all boats are passenger boats, right?

All these itineraries have Port au Prince as the port of arrival and use the same 10-knot speed as the answers above.

Port of Departure

Port of Guaymas
3811 nautical miles
15.9 days

Port of Veracruz
1687 nautical miles
7 days

Port of Manzanillo
2965 nautical miles
12.4 days

Port of Lazaro Cardenas
2817 nautical miles
11.7 days

Port of Ensenada
4362 nautical miles
18.2 days

Port of Mazatlan
3405 nautical miles
14.2 days

Port of Altamira
1671 nautical miles
7 days

Port of Coatzacoalcos
1586 nautical miles
6.6 days

Port of Topolobampo
3580 nautical miles
14.9 days

Much like most nautical trips, there is no set Haiti to Mexico route for boats. Obviously, a sailboat will need to go through a different route than that of a cargo or cruise ship to safely complete this journey.

That being said, most cruises to Haiti start from the US, so they’re immediately out of the equation – at least if you’re limiting your starting point options to Mexico only.

Even though there’s a set distance from Haiti to Mexico with the ports listed here in mind, the varying routes taken and changes in speed will ultimately shorten or lengthen the travel time. That’s beside the weather and sea conditions, as well as the number of stops you make along the way.

2. Map

You can grab a Haiti to Mexico map now and see that you’ll likely pass through various Caribbean islands along the way. Add to that the fact that sailboats departing from ports located on Mexico’s west coast (e.g., the Port of Guaymas) may need to go through the Panama Canal.

So it’s not just a matter of how close or far these ports are if you’ve been meaning to get from Haiti to Mexico and vice versa.

Incidentally, did you know that illegal immigrants rarely went from Haiti to Mexico by boat? The dangerous nature of the trip, besides the relatively long travel time, is enough to convince them to cross out this option for good.

Also, as far as the question “How long does it take to get to Haiti by boat?”, we can still safely say that it can be achieved in a week or less. That’s a fairly short time compared to average water travel times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drive from Haiti to Mexico?

At present, this is virtually impossible since Haiti is an island, and there’s no bridge connecting it to mainland Mexico. Simply looking at a world map and a map of Haiti will give you all the confirmation you need.

You have no other option but to go there either by boat or plane.

How far is Haiti from the Bahamas by boat?

Supposing you’re departing from the Bahama Port of Nassau and heading to Port au Prince, that’s a distance of 746 nautical miles. You can complete the trip in just 3 days with a constant speed of 10 knots or a day.

How far is Haiti from the Florida boat?

It’s 1230 nautical miles with Tampa port – the largest port in Florida – as your kick-off point. You can get to Port au Prince in Haiti in 5 days if traveling at an average speed of 10 knots.

The reverse trip to Haiti from Miami by boat takes roughly the same amount of time without factoring in weather and sea conditions.


To wrap up my answers to “How far is Haiti from Mexico by boat?”, it’s quite far, especially if you’ll begin your journey from the western ports. The nearest distance is roughly 1600 nautical miles.

Travel time can be cut by more than half if you settle for the nearer ports of departure, such as the ports of Coatzacoalcos, Altamira, and Veracruz.

While the distance is more or less set in stone, we can’t completely rule out the usual maritime factors that affect how many days we have to spend at sea.

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